'Leaked video to domestic violence': Top 8 Controversies of Poonam Pandey
By True Scoop

Poonam Pandey rose to fame when she promised to strip naked for the Indian cricket team if they won the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

In 2014, Poonam Pandey was questioned by the Mumbai Police for her indecent behavior while driving.

In 2017, Google suspended the Poonam Pandey App from play store due to bold content.

In 2019, Poonam Pandey filed a case against Raj Kundra accusing him & his team of unlawfully utilising her videos post the contractual period.

Once, everyone was left shocked after a bathroom video of Poonam Pandey leaked online. Later, YouTube blocked it.

Poonam Pandey was arrested by the Mumbai Police for violating the rules of COVID lockdown as she went for a walk with Sam Bombay.

Poonam Pandey married Sam Bombay in September 2020 but in just a few days, she shocked everyone by accusing him of molestation.

In 2020, Poonam Pandey was arrested by Goa Police for filming obscene video on a government property.

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