Top 7 Less Oil South Indian Breakfast for Your Family on Sunday

Idli: Idli is a steamed rice and lentil cake that is naturally low in oil. Serve it with coconut chutney and sambar for a satisfying and healthy breakfast.

Dosa: Make thin and crispy dosas using a non-stick pan with minimal oil. You can fill them with a potato masala or serve them with coconut chutney and tomato or onion chutney.

Poha: Poha is a flattened rice dish cooked with onions, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and turmeric. It's a flavorful and low-oil breakfast option.

Upma: Upma is a savory semolina dish cooked with vegetables and spices. Use just a small amount of oil for tempering and add plenty of veggies for flavor.

Semiya (Vermicelli) Upma: Similar to upma, this dish is made with vermicelli and typically includes vegetables and spices. Use a non-stick pan to reduce the need for excessive oil.

Rava Idli: Rava idli is made from semolina (rava) and yogurt. It requires minimal oil for tempering and is steamed to perfection.

Ragi Dosa: Ragi (finger millet) dosa is a healthy and gluten-free option. The batter is naturally low in oil, and you can fill it with various vegetable or chutney options.