Oct 03 , 2023

Savoring Spices: 8 Lesser-Known Coastal Indian Cuisines You Need to Try

By True Scoop

Karwari Cuisine (Karnataka): Known for its fiery curries and unique use of ingredients like kokum, Karwari cuisine offers a spicy twist to coastal dining.

Sindhi Seafood Specials (Gujarat/Sindh): Sindhi coastal cuisine boasts dishes like Sai Bhaji, a nutritious blend of greens, lentils, and spices, and fried fish preparations with a distinct Sindhi touch.

Tulu Nadu Tastes (Karnataka): Tulu cuisine features dishes like Neer Dosa, a delicate, paper-thin rice pancake, and Chicken Ghee Roast, a fiery chicken dish with aromatic ghee.

Koli Seafood Secrets (Maharashtra): The Koli community along Maharashtra’s coast offers dishes like Bombil Fry (fried Bombay duck) and Sol Kadhi (a refreshing kokum drink).

Sourashtrian Splendors (Tamil Nadu): Sourashtrian cuisine includes delectable dishes like Sodhi (a coconut milk-based vegetable stew) and Uppu Kari (a spicy mutton dish).

Bhojpuri Coastal Creations (Bihar/UP): In the Gangetic plains, Bhojpuri cuisine meets coastal influences, giving rise to unique dishes like Fish Curry with Mustard Seeds and Sattu Paratha.

Kochi’s Syrian Christian Flavors (Kerala): This cuisine offers delightful seafood preparations like Meen Pollichathu (fish cooked in banana leaves) and Duck Mappas (duck curry with coconut milk).

Balochi-Inspired Coastal Fare (Gujarat): Balochi migrants to Gujarat have influenced the cuisine with dishes like Patra ni Machhi (fish cooked in green chutney) and Kolmi no Patio (prawn curry).