9 Lesser-Known Talents of Prime Minister Modi

Versatile Writer: PM Modi has penned multiple books on a variety of subjects, demonstrating his proficiency in articulating ideas and thoughts, from poetry to reflections on nation-building.

Photographer’s Eye: Modi’s keen interest in photography has often come to light. He has even held exhibitions of his photographs, showcasing his artistic perspective.

Oratory Skills in Multiple Languages: While his oratory skills are well-known, Modi’s ability to address crowds in multiple languages — sometimes even picking up a few phrases of a region’s local tongue — reflects his linguistic talent.

Yoga Practitioner: Beyond just promoting it, PM Modi is a dedicated practitioner of yoga. His videos demonstrating various asanas are a testament to his commitment to the ancient art.

Innate Designer: His unique ‘Modi kurta’, a variation of the traditional Indian kurta, shows a sense of design and style, blending traditional attire with a contemporary twist.

Tech Enthusiast: PM Modi’s aptitude for technology is evident in his adoption of various platforms to connect with the youth and promote digital initiatives.

Deep Listener: While known for his speeches, Modi is also recognized for his attentive listening skills, crucial for diplomacy and understanding the pulse of the masses.

Musical Appreciation: While not a musician himself, PM Modi has expressed his appreciation for traditional Indian music forms and has often used them to build cultural bridges during his foreign visits.

Strategic Storyteller: Modi often incorporates anecdotes and stories into his speeches, effectively using narrative techniques to connect with his audience on complex issues.