Lightning Fast Punjabi Fish Delights: 10 Recipes Ready in Just 1 Minute
By True Scoop

Turmeric Twist Tilapia: Seasoned with turmeric, pan-seared for a quick Punjabi flair.

Speedy Amritsari Fish Fry: Crispy fried fish with Amritsari spices, ready in a flash.

Quick Tandoori Trout: Tandoori-marinated trout grilled swiftly for a smoky taste.

Express Fish Tikka: Bite-sized fish tikka marinated and cooked in under a minute.

Zesty Lemon Fish Delight: Pan-cooked fish infused with zesty lemony goodness.

Chilli Chaat Salmon: Spicy chaat masala-coated salmon bites for an instant kick.

Ginger Garlic Rush: Stir-fried fish with ginger-garlic for a speedy Punjabi twist.

Mustard Magic Haddock: Haddock fillets cooked with mustard for a quick burst of flavor.

Pepper Pataka Pomfret: Pepper-seasoned pomfret cooked rapidly for a fiery taste.

Coriander Crush Catfish: Catfish fillets cooked with fresh coriander for a burst of freshness in just a minute.