List of top 9 tourist destinations in the world.

France: Known for its romantic charm and cultural landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, it tops the list with 89.4 million visitors.

Spain: Famous for its stunning beaches and vibrant cities like Barcelona, it welcomes 83.7 million tourists annually.

United States: With diverse landscapes, iconic cities like New York, and natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, it attracts 79.3 million visitors.

China: Rich in history and culture, China sees 65.7 million tourists exploring the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and modern cities like Shanghai.

Italy: Renowned for its art, history, and cuisine, Italy draws 64.5 million travelers to places like Rome, Venice, and Florence.

Turkey: Bridging Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a unique blend of history and beauty, with 45.8 million visitors exploring Istanbul and its rich heritage.

Mexico: Known for its beautiful beaches, ancient ruins like Chichen Itza, and vibrant culture, Mexico welcomes 41.4 million tourists annually.

Germany: Home to historic cities like Berlin and Munich, as well as scenic landscapes, Germany attracts 38.9 million travelers each year.