Master These 8 Effortless Yoga Poses for Ultimate Fat-Blasting Results
By True Scoop

Downward Dog: Strengthen your entire body while developing flexibility with this basic yoga practice.

Warrior II: In this strong pose, you may tone your legs and improve your concentration while drawing strength from inside.

Tree position: This elegant standing position helps you develop stability by helping you find balance and toning your core muscles.

Plank Pose: This basic yoga pose can help you strengthen your core and lay a solid foundation for entire body strength.

Cobra Pose: In this heart-opening pose, open up your chest, strengthen your back, and increase spinal flexibility.

Chair Pose: For a full-body burn, use your leg muscles and test your endurance in this dynamic sitting pose.

Child's Pose: In this calming and restorative yoga pose, extend your thighs, hips, and spine to relax and revitalise.

Bridge Pose: In this powerful backbend for a stronger foundation, tone your lower back and glutes while also increasing spine flexibility.

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