Measles Outbreak: Essential tips to ensure your child’s safety from Measles

Measles Outbreak

Recently Mumbai and other pockets in the region have detected a surge in cases of Measles among children leading to chaos and panic among parents.


The disorder can lead to enormous trouble although can well be averted by ensuring safety by following these minimal yet essential steps for the children, advised by experts.

Disinfect Exposed Places

Measles is contagious and the virus can live for up to 3-4 hours on surfaces infected patients have touched, it is essential for you to disinfect your house areas if you feel that it was exposed to an infected patient.

Avoid Crowd

Limit the child’s exposure to crowds. Avoid going to crowded places or limit visitors at home this is the essential part that needs to be taken care of, precisely when there is an outbreak in the region where you live.

Put on Mask

Parents should make sure that their children wear masks by covering their faces in public. Whenever your wards step out make sure you make them aware that they put masks on all the time.

Hand Washing

Make sure your child washes their hands every time they step out, before a meal, and after as well. This ensures essential protection and makes sure your child stays well from any contagion.

Ensure ample Fluid

It is important to take care of immunity to protect against viruses. Children should be given plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and avoid cold beverages, lukewarm at regular intervals is best as experts say.


Parents should make sure that their children take the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine as suggested by the expert and that too in the designated period as marked by the pediatrician.

Exclusive Breastfeeding

Breast milk is loaded with antibodies and helps to fight infections. It is essential to exclusively breastfeed babies during the first six months and thereafter along with a complimentary till 18 months.