Apr 03 , 2024

9 Missing Cities of the World

By True Scoop

Stabiae, Italy: The was an eruption of Vesuvius which destroyed the whole city and made it as if it never existed

Dead Cities, Syria: They were abandoned quickly, either due to shifting trade routes, weather changes

Chan Chan, Peru: The city began a rapid decline afterwards, to the point that when the Spanish arrived

Hashima Island, Japan: But when the mine closed in 1974, the island was abandoned

Eastern Settlement, Greenland: y the late 15th century the community had disappeared, leaving only ruins

Lost City, Florida: One day suddenly the whole city was abandoned and till date no one knows what happened to people living there

Kolmanskop, Namibia: World War I led to the abandonment of the city.

Centralia, Pennsylvania: There was a huge fire that took place one night leaving almost 97% of people living here dead

Trellech, Wales: there are reports of it being destroyed, most likely due to a combination of attacks, fire, and disease

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