Moose Magic: 9 Best Sidhu Moosewala Songs You Should Listen and Enjoy

“So High” A breakthrough hit, introducing Sidhu Moosewala’s distinctive style to the world.

“Issa Jatt” An energetic track showcasing Moosewala’s bold and powerful delivery.

“Tochan” A catchy Punjabi number with Moosewala’s signature blend of swagger and rhythm.

“Famous” A chart-topping track known for its infectious beats and Moosewala’s catchy lyrics.

“Dollar” A dynamic song reflecting Moosewala’s prowess in narrating contemporary stories.

“Just Listen” A collaboration with Sunidhi Chauhan, blending Moosewala’s style with Bollywood flair.

“Bad Fella” An upbeat and lively song demonstrating Moosewala’s versatility as an artist.

“Selfmade” An anthem celebrating self-reliance and the journey to success.

“East Side Flow” A laid-back and groovy track, showcasing Moosewala’s storytelling abilities.

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