Morning Spice: 8 Fiery Breakfast Creations from India a must try

Makki di Roti with Sarson Da Saag (Cornmeal Flatbreads with Mustard Greens Curry): A Punjabi delicacy featuring cornmeal flatbreads paired with a spicy mustard greens curry.

Khar: An Assamese dish made from raw papaya and pulses, known for its unique alkaline flavor.

Malabar Puttu with Kadala Curry: Steamed rice cakes served with spicy chickpea curry, a traditional Kerala breakfast.

Kharjoor Chutney: A sweet and tangy chutney made from dates, tamarind, and spices, a specialty from Rajasthan.

Ghugni Chaat: A spicy and flavorful street food from West Bengal, made with dried yellow peas and a mix of spices.

Bhutte Ka Kees: A Rajasthani dish made from grated corn cooked with spices, a unique and delicious preparation.

Patra: Taro leaves smeared with spiced gram flour, rolled, steamed, and shallow-fried, a specialty from Gujarat.

Bamboo Shoot Curry: A spicy and aromatic curry made from fermented bamboo shoots, a traditional dish from the North East of India.