Apr 19 , 2024

8 Most Controversial Songs of Amar Singh Chamkila

By True Scoop

Takue Te Takua: In this song Amar Singh Chamkila criticized government for growing corruption and hypocrisy

Jatt Di Dushmani: This song of Chamkila is considered controversial for the tone and it talks about rivalry between gangs

Gora Gora Rang: The song has some explicit lyrics about physical appearances and

Jija Lak Minle: This song touches upon the theme of extramarital affairs which is why it became controversial

Rangla Punjab: This song discusses the struggles faced by Punjabi youth and the societal issues prevalent at the time

Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye: This song explores romantic themes in a playful yet controversial manner

Teri Behn Te Hai Akh Meri: This song created a huge stir as it touches upon the topic of relationships outside marriage

Dhoka Nahi Kamaida: This song was also said to be controversial because of the tone in which it was sung

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