Most Dangerous Airports of The World

Lukla Airport (Nepal) Nepal's Lukla airport is located in close proximity to the world's highest mountain - Mount Everest.

As noted by Forbes, for tourists looking to visit the Everest, Lukla is the main airport. However, the terrain surrounding the airport and the short runway make landing here tricky and hazardous.

Paro Airport (Bhutan) Paro International Airport (PBH) in Bhutan is another common name when it comes to airports that are challenging to operate flights into.

Surrounded by 18,000-foot-high mountains and other terrains that block the view of the runway until moments before landing.

Courchevel Airport (France) While the airport has an elevation of over 6,500 feet, what makes operating flights to Courchevel hazardous is its runway.

With only 1,700 feet of runway length available, paired with a downward gradient of 18.5% (10.48 degrees), the pilots would have to be precise with their aircraft.

Funchal Cristiano Ronaldo Airport (Portugal) The coastal airport in Madeira, Portugal, named after the Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, may not sound dangerous like the previous names on this list.

The airport is constantly under the effects of heavy winds and gusts due to its location.

Saba Airport (Dutch Caribbean) Known for having the shortest commercially usable runway in the world, the airport's single runway is just 1,312 feet (400 meters) long.