Apr 16 , 2024

9 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

By True Scoop

Pit bull: As per ranking, it is the deadliest dog breeds all over the world with highest recorded fatalities

Rottweiler: Their heavy frame makes them an imposing figure for an opponent

German Shepherd: Their aggressive nature is quite threatening. They are often kept as guarding dogs

Husky: Their aggressive nature and high prey drive can be linked to their cousin, the wolf

Wolf-Dog Hybrid: It maintains a high prey drive much like the other breeds on the list

Malamute: They are considered dangerous more for their size

Doberman: One of the most aggressive breeds ever recognized, the Doberman is used very frequently as a guard dog

Great Dane: Most dangerous and aggressive breeds, especially toward strangers

St. Bernard: They typically have a passive attitude but are quite dangerous as well

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