Oct 03 , 2023

8 most unique and delicious recipes of gluten free ragi ball a must try

By True Scoop

Ragi Banana Pancakes: A gluten-free breakfast option made by blending ragi flour, ripe bananas, and coconut milk, resulting in fluffy and nutritious pancakes.

Ragi Momo Dumplings: Ragi flour used to make the dough for momo dumplings, filled with a variety of stuffings, and steamed, creating a unique twist on this Tibetan dish.

Ragi Oats Ladoo: A fusion of ragi flour, oats, nuts, and honey or dates, rolled into energy-packed ladoos, perfect for a quick snack or breakfast.

Ragi Paneer Balls: Ragi flour combined with crumbled paneer (Indian cottage cheese), spices, and herbs, then shaped into balls and either steamed or shallow-fried for a protein-packed snack.

Ragi Methi Ball: Ragi flour blended with fenugreek leaves, spices, and yogurt to form a dough, then rolled into balls and steamed for a healthy and flavorful dish.

Ragi Sweet Balls: Ragi flour mixed with jaggery, grated coconut, and cardamom, then shaped into sweet balls, offering a nutritious and guilt-free dessert.

Ragi Mudde (Traditional Karnataka Style): A classic ragi ball preparation where ragi flour is mixed with hot water to create a dough, then rolled into balls and served with a variety of curries.

Discover the Magic of Ragi: Must-Try Gluten-Free Ragi Ball Creations