Apr 18 , 2024

7 Most Expensive Things Owned By Salman Khan

By True Scoop

Galaxy Apartment: Salman Khan resides in a lavish sea-facing triplex apartment in Bandra worth 100 crores

Farmhouse in Panvel: A favourite getaway for the actor and his close ones, this farmhouse is estimated to be worth Rs 80 crore

Private Yacht: Costing around 3 crores, this yacht is Salman Khan’s favourite spot for various parties

Gorai Beach House: Salman Khan splurged on a luxurious 5-bedroom beach house worth 200 crores

Luxury Cars: Salman’s garage houses an impressive collection of high-end cars ranging from BMW to Range Rover

Brand Being Human: The brand, which sells clothing, jewellery, and watches, is valued at Rs 235 crore

Collection of watches: Salman Khan is known to have luxurious collection of watches that costs around 20 crores and more

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