9 most memorable characters from FRIENDS

Joey: The biggest heart among all the Friends characters, his love for food was the best. We still know that Joey doesn’t share food

Monica Gellar: She is the character who made cleaning sound cool due to her excessive need to clean everything she saw

Ross Gellar: He brought some of the funniest moments like his leather trousers, having the white teeth of a demon, getting excessively tanned, etc

Rachel Green: Going from a spoiled rich girl to an independent career woman and responsible mother, all loved Rachel’s character

Gunther: Originally started out as a minor character before he hopelessly fell in love with Rachel.

Phoebe Buffay: Her carefree attitude and no-drama persona made her the go-to person for fans

Janice: Despite being annoying the character happens to be very popular with the fanbase. Her famous quote, “Oh my God!” is till date remembered

Chandler Bling: No doubt that he’s the one who spoke the most memorable lines in the series, thanks to his never-ending sarcasm.

Jack Gellar: Among so many disappointing parents in the series, fans consider Jack to arguably be the best father in Friends.