Jun 25 , 2024

8 Most Popular PC Video Games in the World

By True Scoop

Minecraft: Sandbox game with endless creativity, allowing players to build, explore, and survive.

League of Legends: Popular MOBA game, featuring strategic team-based combat and a vast roster of champions.

Fortnite: Battle royale game known for its building mechanics, vibrant graphics, and frequent updates.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Tactical first-person shooter with competitive gameplay and a dedicated player base.

World of Warcraft: Iconic MMORPG offering immersive fantasy worlds, complex lore, and extensive quests.

Among Us: Social deduction game where players work together to find impostors on their spaceship.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Acclaimed RPG with an expansive open world, rich storylines, and deep character development.

Grand Theft Auto V: Open-world action-adventure game with a compelling story, diverse missions, and online multiplayer.

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