Apr 16 , 2024

9 Most Populated States Of India

By True Scoop

Uttar Pradesh: It holds almost 17% of India's population, making it the most populous subdivision globally

Maharashtra: It contributes significantly with 10% of India's population and leads in economic contributions

Bihar: Ranking third in population, was once a beacon of power and learning in ancient India but has faced developmental challenges

West Bengal: The fourth most populous, was India's wealthiest province during the Mughal era

Madhya Pradesh: There is now the fifth in population and rich in geographical and cultural diversity

Tamil Nadu: The sixth most populous state, boasts a profound and continuous cultural history

Rajasthan: It is India's largest state by area and seventh in population

Karnataka: It was formed in 1956 and showcases a blend of historical richness and modern development

Gujarat: The ninth most populous, is a pivotal state in India's historical and cultural landscape

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