8 Most Searched Memes on Google in 2023
By True Scoop

Bhupendra Jogi: This meme, featuring a man with a surprised expression, became a popular way to express disbelief or shock.

"Just Looking Like a Wow": This meme, often paired with images of people looking glamorous or successful, is used to express admiration or surprise.

"Moye Moye": This catchy phrase, originating from a Bhojpuri song, became a popular way to express joy or excitement.

Aayein": This Hindi word, meaning "come in," became a meme used to invite someone to do something they might not want to do

"Aukaat Dikha Di": This phrase, meaning "showed their place," became a meme used to express dominance or superiority.

"Ohio": This meme, often featuring images of strange or unusual things happening in the US state of Ohio

"The Boys": This meme, based on the Amazon Prime series of the same name, became a popular way to express cynicism or skepticism.

"The Waffle House New Host": This meme, featuring a clip from a Waffle House training video

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