7 most unique breakfast recipes one must try cooked in few minutes

Bamboo Shoot Curry: A spicy and aromatic curry made from fermented bamboo shoots, a traditional dish from the North East of India.

Kalaadi: Skillet-fried cheese cubes, a rare treat from Jammu and Kashmir, often savored with bread or local greens.

Khar: An Assamese dish made from raw papaya and pulses, known for its unique alkaline flavor.

Dhido: A traditional Nepali dish made from millet flour, often served with a variety of accompaniments.

Aloo Badi Ki Sabzi: A Rajasthani curry made from sun-dried lentil dumplings and potatoes, offering a unique texture and taste.

Chingri Bhorta: A Bengali dish of mashed prawns with spices, garlic, and green chilies, a fiery and flavorful delight.

Kathal Biryani: A vegetarian biryani made from young jackfruit, cooked with aromatic spices, rice, and saffron, a vegetarian delight from North India.