8 most unique and delicious recipes of Red rice cakes one must enjoy in Korean style
By True Scoop

Garaetteok (Steamed Rice Cake): Traditional cylindrical rice cakes, often sliced and used in various dishes.

Jujube Red Rice Cake: Infused with jujube flavor, offering a sweet and fruity twist.

Hotteok (Sweet Pancake): Filled with a brown sugar and nut mixture, creating a delightful red rice cake variation.

Patbingsu (Red Bean Shaved Ice): Red bean paste atop shaved ice, a popular Korean dessert.

Bokbunja Tteok (Black Raspberry Rice Cake): Incorporating black raspberry for a unique and rich flavor.

Danja Red Rice Cake Soup: A savory soup with red rice cakes, often enjoyed during celebrations.

Yakbap (Medicinal Rice Cake): Red rice cake mixed with nuts and dried fruits, offering a wholesome treat.

Gyeongdan (Sweet Rice Dumplings): Red rice cake balls coated in various powders like sesame or bean flour.

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