8 most unique recipes of Indian dishes made with Kathal ( Jack fruit) a must try

Kathal Biryani: - Layer fragrant basmati rice with spiced jackfruit and aromatic spices.

Kathal Pulao: - Mix jackfruit pieces with rice, vegetables, and a blend of spices.

Kathal Curry: - Cook tender jackfruit in a rich tomato and onion-based curry.

Kathal Ki Sabzi: - Prepare a dry vegetable dish with jackfruit, spices, and herbs.

Kathal Tacos: - Create jackfruit filling with Indian spices for a unique taco twist.

Kathal Bajji (Fritters): - Dip jackfruit slices in gram flour batter and deep-fry for a tasty snack.

Kathal Kebabs: - Blend jackfruit with spices, shape into kebabs, and grill for flavor.

Kathal Chaat: - Toss cooked jackfruit cubes with chaat spices, herbs, and chutneys.

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