8 most unique recipes of palak one must try

Palak Paniyaram: South Indian paniyarams made with a spinach batter, served with coconut chutney.

Palak Kofta Curry: Soft palak koftas (spinach dumplings) in a flavorful tomato-based gravy.

Palak and Mushroom Stuffed Paratha: Nutritious parathas filled with a mixture of finely chopped palak and mushrooms.

Palak Dhokla: A twist on the traditional dhokla, using spinach puree for added color and flavor.

Palak Chana Chaat: A refreshing chaat made with chickpeas and spinach, drizzled with tangy chutneys.

Palak Corn Pulao: Fragrant rice dish cooked with spinach and sweet corn for a vibrant and wholesome meal.

Palak Muthiya: Steamed spinach and chickpea flour dumplings, tempered with spices for a tasty snack.

Palak Raita with Crunchy Tempering: Creamy yogurt mixed with chopped spinach, topped with a crispy tempering of spices.