May 02 , 2024

Most Unsafe Cities Of Punjab As Per Ranking

By True Scoop

There was a report released by NCRB which stated the crime rate and city’s ranking as per the same

Ludhiana: Out of 2,494 criminal cases, the city was contributing 11% of the total

Mohali: With 283 cases of crime against juveniles, the city is on 2nd spot

Patiala: The city takes third spot with total 252 cases

Amritsar: The city is not much far behind. It is at 5th rank with total 185 cases

Jalandhar: The city is considered to have increasing cases of robbery and that is why is at 6th spot

Bathinda: The city is at last in ranking and it has total of 150 cases reported

This date is till 2022 and new data will be released in the year 2024, let’s see if the ranking gets improved

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