8 Most Unsafe states for women in India
By True Scoop

Madhya Pradesh: The heart of the country came out at top with 39% of the total recorded cases in the country, with 10,133 cases.

Tamil Nadu: The southernmost state of India ranked 2nd with nearly half as much cases, recording a total of 5,336 incidents.

Maharashtra: The state of Maharashtra, famous for its culture and beauty, ranked at 34th with 2,874 recorded incidents.

Uttar Pradesh: The Northern state UP was ranked 4th with 2,874 recorded incidents of rude and obscene comments and vulgarity directed at women.

Kerala: The most educated state in the country was 5th in the rankings with 955 incidents recorded.

Andhra Pradesh: The leading rice-growing state of the country was 6th in the rankings with 657 cases of female harassment in 2022-23.

Chattisgarh: The heavily forested state of Chattisgarh was the 7th most unsafe state of India with 579 incidents on record.

Assam: The source of best tea in the world was 8th in the rankings of most unsafe state for women in India with 343 cases.

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