Most visited websites in the US in August 2023

Google. com - is ranked 1 and is the United States's most visited website for August 2023. It is a search engine.

Youtube. com - Video streaming platform is the second most visited website in the United States of America in August 2023.

Facebook. com - Social media platform facebook. com is ranked 3rd in terms of the most visited websites in the US in August 2023.

Yahoo. com - Making a surprise entry at number 4, search engine yahoo. com is also in the elite list.

Amazon. com - At number 5 in the ranking, amazon. com which is e-commerce website attracted millions and billions of Americans on its portal.

Twitter. com - Twitter. com which is now called X is at number 6 in the list.

Instagram. com - Instagram. com, photo and video sharing social media is at number 7 in the list and its visitors is increasing day-by-day.

Wikipedia. org - A perfect website to fetch information on almost all topics, wikipedia. org is at number 8 in the list. - HBO's streaming website which has multiple series like The House of the Dragon etc, is at number 9 in the list.