Aug 19 , 2023

10 Museums with collections you won't find anywhere else

By True Scoop

Dog Collar Museum: Honors canine companions with a collection of ornate and historical dog collars, spanning centuries.

Leila's Hair Museum: Showcases an array of hair art and jewelry, offering a glimpse into this intricate Victorian craft.

Museum of Witchcraft and Magic: Delves into the world of the supernatural, housing artifacts and spells from witchcraft history.

Vent Haven Museum: Home to hundreds of ventriloquist dummies, preserving the history of this unique performing art.

Sulabh International Toilet Museum: Raises sanitation awareness through a collection of historical and inventive toilets from around the world.

International Cryptozoology Museum: Explores hidden creatures and mythical beasts, bridging science and folklore in cryptozoological wonder.

Museum of Broken Relationships: Displays mementos of past romances, telling heartfelt stories of love's fragility and resilience.

Museum of Jurassic Technology: Blends fact and fiction, housing eclectic curiosities that challenge conventional knowledge.

Museum of Bad Art: Celebrates art's quirky side, showcasing pieces that blur the line between talent and creativity.

Unique Collections: Museums Showcasing Unparalleled Artifacts