Jun 20 , 2023

7 Must-Have Educational Apps for Students

By True Scoop

Duolingo: A language-learning app that offers interactive lessons and quizzes in multiple languages, making learning fun and engaging.

Khan Academy: Provides free video lessons, practice exercises, and personalized learning for a wide range of subjects, from math to history.

Quizlet: Helps students create digital flashcards, study guides, and interactive quizzes to enhance learning and boost retention.

Google Classroom: Facilitates online learning and collaboration between teachers and students, providing a centralized platform for assignments and communication.

Photomath: Solves math problems by scanning them through the phone's camera, providing step-by-step explanations and helping students understand concepts.

Forest: A productivity app that uses gamification to help students stay focused and avoid distractions while studying or working.

StudyBlue: Allows students to create, share, and access digital study materials, including flashcards, notes, and practice quizzes, for efficient exam preparation.