Navigating Diabetes: 10 Foods to Avoid for Better Blood Sugar Control
By True Scoop

White Bread: High glycemic index causes rapid blood sugar spikes.

Sugary Beverages: Increased risk of insulin resistance and weight gain.

Processed Snacks: Trans fats and high sodium levels affect blood sugar control.

Dried Fruits with Added Sugar: Concentrated sugars can lead to elevated blood glucose levels.

Fried Foods: Trans fats in deep-fried items impact heart health and insulin sensitivity.

Full-Fat Dairy: Saturated fats may contribute to insulin resistance.

Sweetened Yogurts: Hidden sugars can disrupt blood sugar levels.

Flavored Coffee Drinks: High sugar and calorie content impact blood glucose control.

Canned Fruit in Syrup: Excess sugars in syrup can elevate blood sugar.

High-Sugar Condiments: Sauces and dressings with added sugars affect overall sugar intake.

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