7 Offbeat Activities to try in Goa

Spice Plantation Tour: Explore aromatic plantations, learn about spices, and enjoy local cuisine, offering a unique sensory experience.

Dolphin Watching: Witness playful dolphins in their natural habitat through boat trips, creating memorable moments of marine life interaction.

Trek to Dudhsagar Falls: Hike through lush landscapes to witness the impressive cascades of Dudhsagar Falls, a rewarding adventure.

Granny's Inn Cooking Class: Learn traditional Goan recipes from locals, immersing in culture and flavors through interactive cooking sessions.

Fontainhas Heritage Walk: Stroll through charming Latin quarters, discovering colorful houses, art galleries, and history-rich streets in Panaji.

Flea Market Exploration: Visit Anjuna's vibrant flea market to shop for unique items, handicrafts, and soak in the bohemian atmosphere.

Cabo de Rama Paragliding: Soar over stunning cliffs and beaches, experiencing Goa's beauty from a bird's-eye perspective through paragliding adventures.