10 Peaceful Getaways in Haryana for a Quiet New Year
By True Scoop

Damdama Lake: Discover tranquility by Damdama Lake, offering a serene escape near Gurgaon.

Sultanpur National Park: Embrace calmness in Sultanpur, known for its peaceful bird sanctuary and green landscapes.

Karnal: Unwind in Karnal, a city with historical charm and a quieter atmosphere.

Panchkula: Experience a quiet New Year in Panchkula, a planned city with greenery and scenic views.

Pinjore Gardens: Find peace in Pinjore Gardens, known for its Mughal-style landscaping and serene ambiance.

Kurukshetra: Connect with history in Kurukshetra, a town with cultural significance and peaceful surroundings.

Morni Hills: Enjoy a tranquil New Year in Morni Hills, a lesser-known hill station with serene landscapes.

Surajkund: Embrace the calmness of Surajkund, known for its crafts mela and peaceful lake.

Hisar: Discover serenity in Hisar, a city with historical forts and a quieter pace of life.

Badkhal Lake: Relax by Badkhal Lake, a peaceful spot near Faridabad, perfect for a quiet retreat.

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