Mar 21 , 2024

10 Peaceful Meditation Spots in India

By True Scoop

Rishikesh: Serene riverside ashrams for tranquil meditation sessions.

Dharamshala: Himalayan retreats offering serene mountain meditation experiences.

Goa: Calm beaches perfect for seaside meditation and relaxation.

Sikkim: Tranquil monasteries amidst picturesque mountain landscapes for meditation.

Bodh Gaya: Spiritual hub with peaceful surroundings for deep meditation.

Auroville: Sustainable community providing serene spaces for meditation and reflection.

Osho Meditation Resort, Pune: Modern center offering diverse meditation techniques.

Vipassana International Academy, Igatpuri: Silent retreats for introspective meditation practice.

Art of Living Ashram, Bengaluru: Peaceful retreats focusing on meditation and wellness.

Tushita Meditation Centre, Dharamshala: Tibetan Buddhist retreats for meditation practice.

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