10 Peaceful Spots in Uttarakhand for a Quiet New Year
By True Scoop

Mukteshwar: Discover tranquility in Mukteshwar, a serene hill station with panoramic views.

Binsar: Embrace calmness in Binsar, surrounded by lush forests and Himalayan peaks.

Chopta: Find peace in Chopta, a picturesque destination known for its meadows and trekking trails.

Kanatal: Experience a quiet New Year in Kanatal, a hill station offering breathtaking views.

Lansdowne: Unwind in Lansdowne, known for its colonial charm and peaceful ambiance.

Pangot: Connect with nature in Pangot, a birdwatcher’s paradise tucked away in the hills.

Ranikhet: Enjoy a tranquil New Year in Ranikhet, with its quiet cantonment town charm.

Auli: Embrace serenity in Auli, a snowy retreat offering peace and stunning landscapes.

Pithoragarh: Find calmness in Pithoragarh, surrounded by hills and historical significance.

Khirsu: Relax in Khirsu, a hidden gem with scenic beauty and a peaceful environment.

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