Apr 23 , 2024

6 Places In Europe That Pay You To Live There

By True Scoop

You must have always dreamt of leaving everything aside and moving to a beautiful place that you love

Imagine if you even get paid for it. Here are 6 places in Europe that pay you for living there

Albinen: The Swiss government is offering families as much as $53,000 to relocate there

Sardinia: Applicants who move to a settlement with under 3,000 inhabitants will receive a payment of $16,000

Presicce-Acquarica: It promises a grant of almost $32,000 for those who buy a house

Ponga, Spain: Brits promise $3,150 for anyone who commits to living

Calabria, Italy: Those who choose to move to a village with 2,000 residents or fewer can earn up to $29,000

Ireland: The Irish government is offering grants of over $87,600

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