Top 9 Places To Have Gushtaba In Srinagar, Kashmir

Ahdoos Restaurant : Ahdoos is a legendary eatery in Srinagar known for its traditional Kashmiri cuisine located in Residency Road of Regal Chowk Srinagar. Their Gushtaba is a must-try.

Mughal Darbar : Mughal Darbar, a beloved recommendation by Srinagar's food enthusiasts, is renowned for its exquisite Gushtaba. It is located in Munshi Bagh, Srinagar.

Shamyana Restaurant : The serene atmosphere at Shamyana Restaurant, which is tucked beside the lovely Dal Lake, wonderfully matches their excellent Gushtaba. Located in Boulevard, Srinagar.

Salam-e -Wazwan : The Gushtaba at Salam-e -Wazwan is a true masterpiece, meticulously prepared with tender meat, aromatic spices, and a creamy texture that delights the palate. Located in Rainawari, Srinagar.

Zoom Restaurant : Zoom Restaurant is a unique haven for savoring the exquisite Gushtaba and immersing yourself in the vibrant Kashmiri ambiance. Located in Lambert Lane, Srinagar.

Hat-trick Restaurant : Hat-trick Restaurant is an upscale dining venue that elevates the Gushtaba experience. Located in Hat Trick Complex, Srinagar.

Kareema Restaurant : Known for its outstanding Gushtaba, Srinagar's Kareema Restaurant is a hidden gem. Located in Munshi Bagh, Srinagar.

Mama Restaurant : Mama Restaurant is a haven for those seeking an authentic, offbeat Kashmiri dining experience. It is located in Hawal - Sangeen Darwaza Rd, Srinagar.

Cafe Liberty : Cafe Liberty is a charming place to savor the beloved Kashmiri dish, Gushtaba. It is located in M.A road, lalchowk, Srinagar