Apr 29 , 2024

8 Places In India Where It Snows In Summer

By True Scoop

Drass: It is one of the coldest inhabited places in India, where snow can often be found even in summer

Rohtang Paas: Located near Manali, Rohtang Pass retains its snow cover well into summer

Yumthang Valley: Known as the ‘Valley of Flowers’, Yumthang is surrounded by snowy mountains throughout the year

Gulmarg: It is enveloped in snow for much of the year, making it a popular summer destination

Leh: It includes several high-altitude areas and surroundings where snow persists year-round

Pahalgam: It serves as a base for many treks that traverse snow-laden landscapes

Munisyari: It is often draped in snow and serves as a starting point for several treks

Zuluk: It is set amidst a mountainous terrain where snowfall is not uncommon even in summer

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