Plan Your Week: Bank Holidays Ahead, Important Details Inside!
By True Scoop

Crucial Tasks: Complete essential bank transactions before the holidays on January 23-26.

Four-Day Weekend: Banks closed from January 27 (Friday) to January 30 (Monday) due to festivities.

Regional Breaks: Specific states observe local holidays on January 26 (Thursday) and January 27 (Friday).

Strategic Planning: Check the list to ensure your banking needs are met this week.

RBI Guidelines: 16 days of bank holidays this month, including weekends.

Upcoming Closures: Understand the specific dates when banks will be closed this week.

National Holiday: Gan-Ngai in Manipur leads to Tuesday’s bank closure on January 23.

State-Specific Closures: Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, UP observe local holidays on January 25 (Thursday).

Extended Weekend: Gear up for a three-day continuous bank closure from January 27 (Saturday) to January 29 (Monday).

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