8 Popular Apps to buy Digital Gold

Paytm: Purchase digital gold, store it in your account, and sell it back easily when desired.

PhonePe: Buy 24K gold digitally with the option to get it delivered as coins or jewelry.

Google Pay: Acquire digital gold for investment and gift purposes via the Google Pay app.

SBI Gold: The State Bank of India's mobile app allows you to invest in digital gold securely.

MMTC-PAMP: The MMTC-PAMP app offers a platform to buy and sell 24K gold digitally.

SafeGold: Purchase 24K gold digitally and store it securely in insured vaults using the SafeGold app.

Augmont Gold: Buy, sell, or redeem physical gold against your digital holdings with the Augmont Gold app.

Kuber - Digital Gold: Invest in 24K gold digitally, track gold prices, and redeem for coins or jewelry.

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