AI Predictions: How Beaches in Goa and Lakshadweep May Look in 50 Years
By True Scoop

Goa's coastline may change due to rising sea levels, which would affect the beach scenery.

Artificial intelligence forecasts changes in traveller behaviour, which affects infrastructure and development along Goa's coast.

Projections of climate change inform policies for sustainable tourism, protecting Goa's beaches from environmental hazards in the decades to come.

Within the next fifty years, Lakshadweep's beaches will undergo significant changes due to significant coastal erosion, according to advanced AI models.

The picturesque splendour of Lakshadweep's coastal regions is expected to be affected in the upcoming decades by considerable shoreline alterations predicted by machine learning estimates.

According to AI-driven study, Lakshadweep's beaches will undergo a significant transformation by 2074, underscoring the need of adopting sustainable coastal management measures now.

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