May 22 , 2024

Pune Porsche Accident Case Explained In 10 Points

By True Scoop

A 17-year-old son of a prominent Pune builder, crashed a Porsche into a motorcycle, killing two people

The accident occurred when accused, driving at an estimated speed of 200-240 km/h, rammed into the bike from behind

The minor attempted to flee but was detained by bystanders until the police arrived

Accused was taken into custody and later granted bail in just 15 hours and was told to write a 300-word essay

The accused and his friends had been drinking at a local bar before the accident

Both the pubs were also sealed for serving alcohol to minors

The Porsche did not have a registration plate, which is also under investigation

In this car crash two software engineers got killed, one was a girl while the other being a boy

They were returning from party when got hit. Anis died during treatment at the hospital, while Ashwini died on the spot

Vishal Agarwal, father of the accused has been arrested for allowing his son to allow driving without license

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