5 qualities Indians look before dating as per Bumble Survey

Honesty (82 percent) : According to a recent survey by the dating portal Bumble, 82 percent of people seek honesty in their date. Authenticity has always been a driver for most Indians who were a part of this survey.

In recent times authenticity has risen to the fore of the dating priority list.

Emotional Availability (75 percent) : The era of seeking out the toxic partner (and the thrill they bring with them) seems to be fading.

75 percent Indians now gravitate to the kind of person who is comfortable being vulnerable, open, and emotionally available to their partner.

Empathy and Compassion (60 percent) : People who are caring, attentive to other’s needs and take their significant other’s feelings into consideration are a priority for 60 percent of the Indians who were surveyed.

Giving Compliments (52 percent) : A big part of what gives people confidence in their relationships is validation from their partners, therefore 52 percent Indians liked people who give compliments.

According to the survey, Indians want to be given validation by their partners, which often comes in the form of compliments.

Generosity (51 percent) : For 51 percent of Indians that were surveyed, generosity was essential in the partner they were looking for. Giving is the order of the day, and finding partners with big hearts who can give openly.