Quick Delights: 10 Veg Indian Recipes Ready in 30 Seconds Each
By True Scoop

Spicy Potato Chaat: Tangy and quick street food snack.

Instant Masala Oats: Savory oats with Indian spices.

Microwave Dhokla: Speedy steamed lentil cakes, a Gujarati delight.

Rapid Paneer Bhurji: Scrambled cottage cheese with spices.

Express Veggie Upma: Semolina dish with a burst of veggies.

Speedy Jeera Aloo: Cumin-infused potatoes for a quick side.

Flashy Spinach Dal: Rapid lentil curry with spinach.

Turmeric Toasted Sandwich: Quick and healthy veggie sandwich.

Instant Tomato Rasam: Tangy and spicy South Indian soup.

Microwave Palak Corn: Swift spinach and corn curry.

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