9 Quick Gujarati Recipes for a Flavorful Culinary Journey
By True Scoop

Dhokla: Steamed fermented lentil cakes, a light and spongy snack.

Thepla: Spiced flatbread made with whole wheat flour.

Undhiyu: Mixed vegetable curry, a winter specialty.

Khandvi: Rolled gram flour sheets tempered with mustard seeds.

Fafda: Crispy gram flour strips, often enjoyed with chutney.

Handvo: Savory cake made from a mixture of lentils and rice.

Sev Tameta: Tangy tomato curry topped with crunchy sev.

Kachumber: Fresh salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

Gujarati Kadhi: Yogurt-based curry with gram flour dumplings.

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