5 Quick Misal Pav Recipes: Speedy and Flavorful Delights

Classic Misal Pav: Spicy sprouted lentil curry, topped with farsan. Serve with pav. A flavorful, traditional Maharashtrian favorite.

Kolhapuri Misal Pav: Fiery hot, rich spices. Authentic Kolhapuri flavor, topped with sev. Enjoy with buttered pav rolls.

Poha Misal Pav: Use flattened rice (poha) for a unique twist. Light, tangy, and quick to prepare. Top with farsan and serve.

Mushroom Misal Pav: Replace sprouts with sautéed mushrooms. A rich, earthy flavor with all the spicy goodness. Perfect for mushroom lovers.

Green Misal Pav: Healthy and refreshing, made with a green masala. Packed with herbs and spices. A vibrant twist on the classic.