Quick South Indian Evening Snacks: 7 Tempting Bites Ready in 5 Minutes

Onion Bhajis: Mix chickpea flour, onions, spices. Fry until golden; serve with chutney.

Curd Rice: Mix rice, yogurt. Season with mustard, curry leaves. Quick comfort food.

Instant Medu Vada: Blend bread slices, curd, flour. Shape, fry to perfection.

Besan Toast: Spread besan batter on bread. Toast with veggies; delightful and speedy.

Instant Tomato Rasam: Dilute rasam powder, tamarind, tomatoes. Simmer; add seasoning.

Coconut Rice: Mix cooked rice, grated coconut, tempering. Flavorsome and easy.

Banana Chips: Slice raw bananas, deep-fry until crisp. Sprinkle salt; munch away.