8 Quick and Tasty Indian Breakfasts for School Kids

Poha: Flattened rice cooked with spices, veggies, and peanuts, a quick and nutritious breakfast option.

Upma: Semolina cooked with vegetables and spices, a flavorful and filling South Indian breakfast delight.

Paratha Rolls: Stuffed parathas rolled with a favorite filling, providing a tasty and portable breakfast for kids.

Cheese Sandwich: Grilled sandwich with cheese and veggies, a simple yet satisfying breakfast loved by kids.

Idli with Chutney: Steamed rice cakes served with coconut chutney, a light and nutritious South Indian breakfast.

Banana Pancakes: Quick and easy pancakes made with ripe bananas, perfect for a sweet and nutritious breakfast.

Dosa with Sambhar: Thin rice crepes paired with lentil soup, a delicious and wholesome South Indian breakfast.

Egg Bhurji Toast: Scrambled eggs with spices served on toast, a protein-packed and tasty breakfast option

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