Rajasthani Rush: 10 Fish Recipes from the Desert State Ready in Just 1 Minute
By True Scoop

Spicy Rajasthani River Sole: River sole spiced with Rajasthan’s fiery masalas, cooked in a minute.

Quick Kesar Tilapia Tandoor: Tilapia marinated in saffron, swiftly cooked in a tandoor-style preparation.

Desert Heat Catfish Curry: Catfish curry with a Rajasthani twist, prepared in under a minute.

Ghee Roasted Grouper: Grouper fish roasted in ghee for an instant Rajasthani delight.

Mustard Marination Mahseer: Mahseer fish marinated with mustard seeds, ready in a flash.

Jeera-Coriander Junglefish: Fish infused with cumin and coriander for a quick burst of flavor.

Rapid Rajasthani Fish Pakoras: Fish pakoras with Rajasthan’s special spice blend, fried in no time.

Chili Chutney Chaat Snapper: Snapper fish tossed in a chili chutney for a quick and tangy chaat.

Saffron-infused Shark Bites: Shark bites with a hint of saffron, prepared in under a minute.

Fennel Flare Fried Fish: Fried fish with the aromatic touch of fennel seeds, ready in just 1 minute.

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