Sep 08 , 2023

7 Rajasthani Tea-Time Specialties You Must Try

By True Scoop

Kalmi Vada: Spiced fried dumplings made from urad dal.

Ghewar: A sweet disc-shaped dessert made from deep-fried flour soaked in sugar syrup.

Pyaz Ki Kachori: Deep-fried pastries stuffed with spiced onion filling.

Mirchi Vada: Spicy green chili peppers stuffed with potato filling and deep-fried.

Gatte Ki Sabzi: Spiced gram flour dumplings in a yogurt-based curry.

Dal Baati Churma: A traditional combo of lentils, baked wheat balls (baati), and sweet crumbled wheat (churma).

Experience the rich flavors of Rajasthan with these 7 tea-time specialties, from spicy snacks to traditional Rajasthani delicacies.