Mar 09 , 2024

Ramadan 2024: health tips for diabetics during fasting

By True Scoop

Ramadan is a religious festival in which muslims all around the world do rigorous fasting for 29-30 days.

Ramadan tests every person’s faith but it becomes harder for people who suffer from any illness.

It is recommended that you talk to your doctor before you decide to fast as it can be dangerous.

If you are a diabetic & keep your blood sugar levels in a healthy range then you may consider fasting.

If you have diabetes complications like poor vision, nerve damage, heart or kidney disease then you shouldn’t fast as your health may deteriorate.

Check your sugar levels regularly, taking your medicines & adjusting your insulin intake would help.

It is recommended that you keep your prescribed medicines, hypo treatments and a bottle of water with you during fasting.

Never miss your suhoor meal and consume high fibre food like cereals, oats, buckwheat, bulgar wheat, brown rice etc.

Avoid sugary and fizzy drinks or fruit juices as they might increase your blood sugar levels. Water is best.

If your health condition does not allow you to fast then leave it. You can gain blessings by giving food to poor people and by doing charity work.

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